I joined BNI a year back. Right from day one it broaden my vision. Bni trainings have taught me how to present my business skills. It gave me confidence to speak on stage.
Here I learned how to expand my Interior Designing Practice and take it to new level. BNI has taught me a very valuable lesion - `COLLABORATE DON’T COMPETE’ Before BNI I never thought it is possible.
Every Wednesday I meet friends who are very passionate about their own business and it charges me for entire week.

Prachi Patrikar

EMERGE Chapter, Mumbai West

"BNI has changed my company and my life over the past five years. Here are 5 reasons why:
1. My company has grown from a small Interior Design firm operating in Mumbai to a large organization working on large Interior Projects PAN India and across the globe, from Dar Es Salaam to Thailand.
2. Great Western was always an Interior Design and Build organization, today we are proud to say that 10% of our time is devoted to Training our employees, ensuring their personal growth within the organization.
3. As a Design focused individual with little knowledge in Business, the knowledge gathered at BNI has put me to a level where I now find that I advise many people on running their businesses successfully.
4. While I always enjoyed a 1-2-1 presentation skill set, BNI provided a platform to me for 1-2-many presentations, and as Chapter Director of Alpha, the ability to "think" while addressing a large audience is probably my most cherished take away.
5. BNI and my role in BNI has ensured that I manage my time effectively, both with my family and work. The BNI hour concept, the 168 hours worksheet are now a part of me and I have time for everyone. Thank you BNI !"

Vikram Mathur

Director, Great Western India Pvt Ltd, Interior Designers BNI Alpha Chapter, Mumbai, Member for 5 years

“BNI as a tool for sales growth for our BULK SMS Vertical has been so significant that 60 % of the total sales comes from BNI References generated over 2 yrs. The implementation and understanding of various learning’s from BNI Trainings has been very impactful on the day to day activities of Business. Professionally BNI has been a boon and Personally it’s been a blessing in disguise because I have developed such great bonding not only within the chapter but across chapters .Now sometimes I feel I have a home where ever I travel across the country enjoying Members hospitality and warmth . It’s been a Life Transforming Experience. Thank you BNI ”

Apurva M

Thakker, Director, Bhavana Televentures Pvt Ltd, Bulk SMS BNI Prosperity Chapter, Mumbai, Member for 2 years

"Before I joined BNI , Networking was always considered as developing CONTACTS; but after joining BNI I learnt how the structured way of NETWORKING turns CONTACTS to CONTRACTS.It is not only your financial success but a successdeveloping your personal confidence and buliding your presentation skills tp present in front of a group of entrepreneurs with the help of world class training workshops. I live the "GIVERS GAIN" philosophy & I'm proud to be a BNI MEMBER."

Bharat Jhethani

Bell Computronics, Security & Surviellance BNI Impeccable Chapter, Mumbai, Member for 1+ years

"In October 2006, I had received a referral, from our National Director to contact Mr. Maheshwari who had a fleet of 70 cars and expanding. In July 2007, after ten months of follow-up, he purchased his first car through us. Since then we have been in constant touch with him. Today we are proud to tell you that till date (June 2011) we have given him a total of 71 cars, with a total business value of Rs.4,10,54,200/- ( USD $912,315) and growing steadily."

Reena Wagle

Mangesh Auto Center, Automotive Sales, Mumbai

"Before starting Idealabs, my past work experience saw me heading the EMEA focused studio of India's largest gaming company. Handling over 70 people was a great lesson in people and process management, and this experience provided me an edge over other entrepreneurs in the field.However, the real boost came only on joining BNI and attending the various, excellent trainings & events - all of which honed my marketing and networking skills to a far greater degree than any other work experience of my life!"

Pratik Murarka

Idealabs Interactive, Interactive Apps & Games BNI Inspire Chapter, Mumbai, Member for 2 years

BNI training sessions are remarkable. Not only they help in improving skills but for me they have helped me in personal development and given me the confidence to improvise on the oratory skills. These sessions have also helped me in building better business relationship through networking. I now have a goal to make one new friend daily. At BNI I have already made atleast 100 friends by meeting them at training sessions. Good associations have been developed within and outside my chapter. My presentation skills are improving day by day which help me to live a life as a LEADER.

Amish V. Parekh

Proprietor, Tech Gadgets & Assessories BNI Inspire Chapter, Mumbai, Member for 2 months

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