Thanks to BNI Online, in this lockdown, we have done Pest Control treatments for more than 25 new societies due to BNI referrals, both within and across chapters. This has resulted in a business of Rs. 4-5 lakhs in a month. I’m really proud to be associated with this wonderful BNI family.
Nikhil Desai
BNI Mumbai West| BNI Exponential
BNI is the dream network of entrepreneurs from different walks of life. Recently, I was able to close a deal worth 8.5 lakhs with a BNI Member from Delhi. We haven't met and the only connection between us was that of BNI. But this connection, was more than enough. The transaction was smooth, I felt as if I was working with a close friend rather than a new vendor. This is just one of the many business deals I could close through the BNI network. I source almost 70% of all my purchases through vendors within the BNI network.
Vishal Gosalia
Our Chapter organized an International Cross Region Conclave to Dubai in 2018. About 25 members from our chapter took up this opportunity. We visited three chapters: Gazelles, Rising Phoenix, & Champions. By offering my life coaching services, I was given the opportunity to do programs during my 5-day visit for the following companies: 1. Mr. Vinay Modi- Tiara World Trading LLC (BNI Rising Phoenix) 2. Mr. V. Ganesh- Blue Crown Furniture (BNI Gazelles) I also closed business worth 12000 AED within 3 days, and TYFCB’s are still trickling in with Tier 2 and Tier 3 referrals coming for our online programs. We are in the midst of collaborations with the following members: 1. Ms. Jaya Bhatia- BNI Gazelles 2. Mr. Amit Vardhan – BNI Gazelles This opportunity opened up new possibilities for our academy by kickstarting our online programs. We are now super confident and excited to take our coaching programs all across the world.
Sidharth Shah
BNI Mumbai West | BNI Evolve
Being in the business of 3D printing, we are currently manufacturing 3D printed face shields which are used by doctors, police personnel, workers and all frontline workers for extra protection against the splattering of Covid patients as well as by individuals who unable to follow social distancing with BNI meetings happening online now, it hasn’t stopped BNI Exponential from doing business. One major success story for us was our very own chapter member, Nikunj Kedia who is into medical disposable products and has till date purchased 5000+ face shields from us, with business value totalling to over 6 Lakhs. He required all these shields to be customised with his clients’ branding. Closing this business has only been possible due to the bonding and trust our members share. Having weekly BNI meetings online is helping us educate our sales team on what new things we can offer! Truly honoured to be a part of BNI Exponential and very thankful to the BNI family.
Isha Kalbag
BNI Mumbai West | BNI Exponential

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